About Us

Calling all programmers, designers, makers and leaders! TeenHacks LI is Long Island’s premier 24-hour high school hackathon, by students, for students. Take part in group collaboration, interesting workshops, sweet prizes, and more. Get ready to meet new people and have an amazing time. Join us as we build the future!

Founded by Jeffrey Yu and Wesley Pergament, we bring together the brightest students across the tri-state area to engage in “collaborative coding.” We hope to build a hacker community here on Long Island, with an emphasis placed on innovation and entrepreneurship.


What is a hackathon?

It's a place where programmers, engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs come together to build an awesome project in 24-hours. We provide the venue and food, you bring the creativity. Get ready to learn, build something cool, and meet new people. Check out this article by Dave Fontenot to learn more! What is a Hackathon?

What if I’m a beginner?

Do not worry. TeenHacks LI encourages students of all levels to come! In addition, we will have workshops throughout the hackathon as well as mentors available to answer any of your questions.

Who can attend?

All high school students are welcome to attend. If you are older or younger and still want to participate as a hacker, shoot us an email. If you're older, we welcome you to sign-up as a mentor!

Does it cost anything?

TeenHacks LI is completely free, thanks to our generous sponsors! This will include food, swag, and awesome prizes. If you’re looking for travel reimbursement for TeenHacks LI, apply to Execute Big’s Travel Grant program - especially useful for our folks from around the nation who’d need trains/busses/flights to get here! We want to make it as accessible as possible for you to get here!

What if I don't have a team?

In the beginning, we’ll have a team formation session to make sure you’re not alone. You can have teams as large or small as you want, but only teams of 2-4 will be eligible for prizes.

What should I bring?

You should bring your student ID, laptop, phone, chargers, sleeping bag, deoderant, toothbrush, as well as any hardware or materials you may need for your project. Nothing hazardous or illegal.

Where do I sleep?

We encourage everyone to sleep for at least a portion of the night. You can bring a sleeping bag and pillow. We will have a secure quiet room for those who want some shut eye.

Have other questions?

Send us an email at [email protected].

In addition, all participants must abide by the MLH Code of Conduct.

Joining the Team

In Spring 2020, we plan to have an even better hackathon than ever before. This means we also need a passionate team of organizers to help make this possible. We need help with everything such as: student outreach, media relations, sponsorship outreach, speaker/mentor recruitment, general logistics, marketing, web design, and much more.

Students passionate about CS and hackathons.
Organizers diligent and highly motivated ready to work in a fast-paced environment.
Leaders who want to build a hacker community on Long Island.

We are looking for both committee directors and committee members.
You can find committee responsibilities below.
Majority of work is done digitally, with exceptions for venue tours/team meetups.
Weekly check-ins w/ directors and occasional team wide calls are mandatory.

Applications ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

Committee Responsibilities

Our Core Team

Wesley Pergament, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Wesley is currently a senior at Jericho High School and has always loved to create and build. His natural curiosity has led him into the world of Raspberry Pi’s and Arduino sensors as he enjoys tinkering with hardware. Through hackathons, Wesley fell in love with the community of makers and as a result, worked passionately to bring this atmosphere to Long Island. Additionally, he enjoys the business side of things as well and TeenHacks LI was the perfect combination of the two. Above all, Wesley constantly strives to learn new things and meet more people every day.

Wesley Pergament

Eva (Yi) Xie, Director of Marketing and Graphics

Eva is currently a senior at Bronx Science. She is a huge fan of STEM and art. These both matter to her because art provides her infinite possibilities in the imagination while STEM enables her to explore and practice these possibilities in the real-world setting. During her first Hackathon event ever - in TeenHacks LI, she was fascinated with how both were combined together and actualized something even bigger. Thus far, she hopes to engage more youths, especially beginners, to get involved in this community that she is truly passionate about. Meanwhile, she believes in STEM progress would be the key to making the world a better place for everyone.

Yi (Eva) Xie

Austin George, Director of Programming

Austin George is a senior at Great Neck South High School, with a passion for creating. Through this, he has grown a strong interest in both art and computer science. Whether it be painting the school mural or coding games for his friends, he’d much rather be on the side of the creator than the consumer. Throughout his high school career, he has strived to share this enthusiasm with others by tutoring students at local coding classes and sharing his experiences with the people he meets at hackathons like TeenHacks LI. This year, as Director of Programming, he is seeking the prospect of working with a few major companies in the tech industry that would be willing to host workshops to improve the overall hacker experience.

Austin George

Shubh Savani, Director of
Public Relations

Shubh loves engineering and programming. He spends his free time either with his beloved robotics team or watching Avengers for the billionth time. Some of his greatest interests are space exploration and artificial intelligence. During our last hackathon, he worked diligently to help organize the campus ambassador program. Whether it’s in school or at home, Shubh is a hard-working and enthusiastic person who cares about creating novel technology to help communities and people less fortunate than himself.

Shubh Savani

John (Seunguk) Baek, Director of

John is a senior at Herricks High School that is highly passionate about STEM. Both in and out of school, he is eager to learn and try new things as he has delved into numerous fields pertaining to math and science. During his freetime, he likes to work on coding projects, conduct research in molecular medicine, and hang out with his friends. He has enjoyed hackathons in the past and is excited to put his experience to use by enriching the experience for others.

John Baek

Karen Li, Director of

Karen is currently a senior at Methacton High School. She is very passionate about STEM, participating in various science fairs and engineering competitions. Her interest in technology grew after taking Java and robotics classes at her high school. This led her to explore this passion at hackathons. After attending TeenHacks LI last spring, she joined TeenHacks LI's core team to further immerse herself in the hacking community and to provide others with the opportunity to learn and create. She also hopes to encourage more young women to pursue STEM through her high school's Girls Who Code Club, teaching programming to middle school girls.