Say Goodbye to LG Phones, If You Even Knew They Existed

April 26th 2021



Arpitha Vinod

I know you all were waiting anxiously for the next LG phone to come out, but sadly, LG is dropping out of the smartphone business. That’s right— the most popular brand of smartphones ever confirmed on April 4th that they will no longer be creating or selling new LG phones.

Just kidding, of course. If you forgot that LG even sold phones, don’t worry— we all did. Since 2015, the company has been suffering severe financial losses. In 2019, LG only made one third of the profits they were expecting to make. The company even tried to cut their costs to make up for this deprivation by moving their production centers from South Korea to Vietnam. However, LG is not alone on this boat. Many companies had to unfortunately exit the smartphone business, such as Nokia, HTC, and Blackberry.

As we mourn over LG Smartphones, it is important to note the astounding creativity and uniqueness the company brought to the smartphone world. In Tech YouTuber Austin Evan’s words, “LG were never perfect but in a world of boring slabs they delivered some of the most unique phone designs, ideas and futures ever.”

From Optimus to T-Shaped Wing , LG did release phones with some interesting features. It all started in 2013 when LG delivered their curved smartphone screen to the rest of the world. The LG Wing has two screens— the first screen is the main display and can rotate to reveal a smaller screen underneath.

However, none of these features quite got the ball rolling for LG. Once considered a huge threat to Samsung, the company now reports that it has “sluggish sales in the overseas market with a sales decrease of mass-tier products in North America.” The new CEO, Koo-Kwong Mo , did make a promise to make phones profitable by 2021, but unfortunately the promise cannot be kept.