TeenHacks LI Team

Meet the rest of the dedicated team that has been preparing for the upcoming event!


Our Team

James Chu, Programming

James Chu is currently a senior at The Bronx High School of Science and he was born and raised in Manhattan. On top of being an avid member of the hackathon community, he loves trying new foods, traveling to new places, and STEM. As a part of the programming team, he is excited to improve Teenhacks LI's hacker experience!

Skye Lam, Programming

Skye Lam is a sophomore at the Bronx High School of Science. He has a strong passion in the STEM field and has been coding since elementary school. When he’s not conducting research about the environment or leading youth activism events, Skye is giving back to the computer science community, He has been a member of the TeenHacks LI organization since Fall 2019. As a member of the Programming Team, Skye is building connections with leading companies and professionals within the tech community to make the upcoming hackathon the best one yet.

Josephine, Programming

A sophomore at Stuyvesant High School, Josephine has developed a passion for problem-solving. Having been on the participants' side of hackathons, she now enjoys being on the creating side of hackathons. As Awards Coordinator, she reaches out to companies for prizes and other in-kind donations in order to create the best possible hacker experience.

Jeffrey Munsell, Programming

Jeffrey Munsell is a Senior at Bronx Science. He is a hobbyist computer scientist who enjoys trying random projects and learning as he goes. He also applies programming to his work in Astronomy research.

Ashay Shah, Marketing

Ashay is currently a freshman at Herricks High School and has a strong interest for the world of STEM. He loves to design and build new things using his innovative mindset. After going to the fall 2019 event, he found that he loved this field even more and became further involved with the organization in order to spread this affinity to other people.

Matthew Liang, Marketing

I’m a student from Jericho High School and I have an interest in both STEM and photography. STEM is a field that really fuels my curiosity and my passion for it lead me to join a robotics team and coding club. Photography is also something that I’m passionate about because it lets me freely express myself. These interests have given me countless unforgettable experience and I wish for others to be able to have the same.

Jonah Elkowitz, Marketing

Jonah Elkowitz is a 17-year-old, award-winning photographer from Jericho High School. He has always had a profound interest in technology and photography. Photography has opened his mind up to new experiences and never-ending learning opportunities. He has proudly worked with TeenHacks LI since the very first event, and he hopes to continue to bring kids together to change the world. This mission inspired him to create an organization that works with student creators from around the world.

Serene, Public Relations

Serene is a high school senior from Connecticut who likes listening to science podcasts (and recording episodes!) and working on small projects! She loves the challenging but immensely rewarding (and fun) environment that constitute hackathons. The experience gave her a new perspective on what teamwork and a computer science education can do, and she wants to help extend this opportunity to others!

David Wang, Public Relations

David Wang is a junior at Great Neck South High School who has a passion for coding and writing. As a Press and Media Relations Coordinator, he hopes to bring together the best of both worlds. An attendee of TeenHacks’ Fall 2019 hackathon, he is excited to be a part of the organization.

Natalie Bran, Public Relations

Natalie Bran is currently a junior at Lawrence High School. When she is not consumed by schoolwork, she spends her time dancing, playing sports, and volunteering at the NCMEC. She also spends a good amount of her time facilitating the Girls Who Code club at her school. She believes that TeenHacks LI is an amazing opportunity for students to learn, create, and perhaps pursue a career in STEM.

Yi Ling, Public Relations

Yi Ling is a junior at Stuyvesant High School. She has met many female upperclassmen through her handball and wrestling team who have supported her in wanting to learn more about programming and she is eternally grateful towards them. She had a great time at TeenHacks LI and wants to spread the word so that others can get the opportunity to learn from and appreciate the experience as well.

Charlie Yin, Campus Ambassador

Charlie Yin is a sophomore at Great Neck South High School. He is passionate about computer science and is involved in his school’s robotics team. Attending the last hackathon has inspired him to expand the STEM community by becoming a Campus Ambassador Coordinator.

Sarah Young, Campus Ambassador

Sarah is a junior at Methacton High School. She is passionate about STEM and bringing more accessible STEM opportunities to all. She is interested in learning new programming languages and teaching coding. When attending TeenHacksLI, she enjoyed how the hackathon provided a safe and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. She is excited to use her experience to provide a learning opportunity for others. In her free time, she enjoys working on coding projects and learning.

Henry Gao, Campus Ambassador

Henry Gao is currently a sophomore at Great Neck South High School. His interest in STEM started from attending hackathons, and it has flourished into a strong curiosity in both computer science and robotics. Having attend both Teenhacksli events, this will be his first time working for the team as a Campus Ambassador Coordinator

Kobe Zheng, Campus Ambassador

Kobe Zheng is a student at Great Neck South High School who enjoys playing video games. He is interested in music technology and he hopes to pursue software engineering.

Deep Patel, Campus Ambassador

Deep Patel is a sophomore at mount sinai high school and he loves to create and learn. He has been involved in Computer Sciences for three years. He is passionate about hackathons ever since he attended his first last fall. He is excited to encourage Campus Ambassadors and inform students about the event.

Manaav Shah, Finance

Other than watching tech videos on YouTube all day, Maanav Savani is a determined, dedicated 9th grader at Herricks High School. He is passionate about computer science and believes that technology is the future. During his free time, he participates in the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, tennis, and his school's robotics team. Maanav has been a part of THLI since their Fall 2019 event as a Campus Ambassador, and he is interested in what THLI has and hopes to help them enhance further in the future.

Shanni, Finance

Shanni is a senior at Bronx high school of science who’s passionate about turning her ideas into reality with codes. She enjoys her past experience with hackathon and is excited to encourage more adolescents to join the amazing computer science community that may open them new doors to digital world. Meanwhile, She loves creating recipes for healthy and aesthetic looking bakery goods. She believes gaining a balance of perspective from activities such as baking would push her creativity in coding.

Sabrina Duan, Finance

Sabrina Duan is a student at Mount Sinai High School who loves to try new things. She has a passion for music and strawberry shortcakes.