TeenHacks LI

Hack for Our Future

About Us

Founded in 2018, TeenHacks LI is a student run non-profit with a mission to build a collaborative hacker community here on Long Island, with an emphasis placed on innovation and entrepreneurship.

We run two free 24-hour high school hackathons every year, gathering hundreds of the brightest minds across the tri-state area and beyond. We pride ourselves in creating a unique computer science education experience you can’t find in the classroom.

Our Pillars


We strive to build a diverse and inclusive community of student programmers who can learn from and build with one another.


Through project based learning, we provide mentors, access to new technologies, and workshops for students to learn practical programming skills.


We cultivate a unique environment where students can think outside the box and build creative solutions to real world problems.

Our Impact


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spent per student

All our staff are unpaid student organizers and we try to keep administrative costs to a minimum. Almost all our money goes towards making the best event possible, going towards the students.


"Our future depends on the next generation’s ability to collaborate to harness creativity in order to solve some of the most intractable challenges we face. TeenHacks LI is vital because they promote breakthroughs in scientific innovation but also inspire our young people to pursue careers in STEM."

 — Laura Curran, Nassau County Executive

“TeenHacks LI was a fantastic event, bringing together students building collaboratively using the same tools that professional developers use every day. The event encouraged students to build and run as teams, and they showed amazing innovation building hacks to solve the day to day problems.”

 — Jim Bennett, Microsoft Senior Cloud Advocate

“I learned so much throughout the entire hackathon, and it was one of the best experiences of my life! TeenHacks LI opened so many opportunities for me, and I’m so excited to continue working with the new friends I’ve met.”

 — James Kerrane, Execute Big Grant Recipient