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Calling all programmers, designers, makers and leaders! TeenHacks LI is Long Island’s premier 24-hour high school hackathon, by students, for students. Take part in group collaboration, interesting workshops, sweet prizes, and more. Get ready to meet new people and have an amazing time. Join our community as we build the future!

Founded by Jeffrey Yu and Wesley Pergament in 2018, we bring together the brightest students across the northeast to engage in “collaborative coding.” We hope to build a hacker community here on Long Island, with an emphasis placed on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Due to these unprecedented times, we will be hosting a virtual hackathon event! Everyone is welcome! To learn more about our virtual triathlon look below.


Sign up for TeenHacksLI's June 26th Hackathon! Participant applications open May 17th. If you have questions regarding the application or deadlines, please email [email protected]

High school students, you’ve found the right place! We’re excited you want to come to TeenHacks LI.

Fill out this short application form, but put some thought into the short response questions.

Application Questions:
1. List 1 reason why you would like to attend.
2. What inspires you to create?

We aren't accepting Mentors at the moment!

Are you a high school student looking to get more involved with TeenHacks LI? Apply to join our Campus Ambassador program! As a campus ambassador, you will become a spokesperson for TeenHacks LI at your school and community. You help raise brand awareness, solicit applicants, and encourage computer science education. In return, you will receive special swag at the event and access to exclusive activities.


*All times are in EST*

Saturday, June 26th

Opening Speeches
Keynote Speeches
Team Building
VR Workshop from EchoAR
Women in STEM
Lunch Break
Python Workshop
Electrical Engineering: How Devices and Sensors Communicate with I2C
Operationalise Your Chatbots with Zero-Coding with Flogo from Tibco
Video Game Tournament

Sunday, June 27th

Midnight Karaoke
Morning Workout with Michael
Entrepreneurship Panel and Cryptocurrency Panel
Machine Learning Panel
Final Deadline for Project Submission
Closing Statements and Prizes


What is a hackathon?

It's a place where programmers, engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs come together to build an awesome project in 24-hours. We provide the venue and food, you bring the creativity. Get ready to learn, build something cool, and meet new people. Check out this article by Dave Fontenot to learn more! What is a Hackathon?

What if I’m a beginner?

Do not worry. TeenHacks LI encourages students of all levels to come! In addition, we will have workshops throughout the hackathon as well as mentors available to answer any of your questions.

Who can attend?

All high school students are welcome to attend. If you are older or younger and still want to participate as a hacker, shoot us an email. If you're older, we welcome you to sign-up as a mentor!

Does it cost anything?

TeenHacks LI is completely free, thanks to our generous sponsors! This will include food, swag, and awesome prizes. If you’re looking for travel reimbursement for TeenHacks LI, apply to Execute Big’s Travel Grant program - especially useful for our folks from around the nation who’d need trains/busses/flights to get here! We want to make it as accessible as possible for you to get here!

What if I don't have a team?

In the beginning, we’ll have a team formation session to make sure you’re not alone. You can have teams as large or small as you want, but only teams of 2-4 will be eligible for prizes.

Have other questions?

Send us an email at [email protected].

In addition, all participants must abide by the MLH Code of Conduct.

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If you're interested in partnering with us, send our sponsorship team an email at [email protected].

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Rachel Woo, Co-Executive

My name is Rachel Woo and I am currently a Junior at Great Neck South High School. I am very passionate about research as well as STEM. During my free time, I like to work on different coding projects, play field hockey and research more about new technological developments. Attending the past two hackathons has inspired me to spread the CS community and influence more people to become involved with new innovations that can impact our futures. I hope to encourage more students in all different grades to immerse themselves with STEM activities and, as an executive, enhance the hackathon experience.

Rachel Woo

Esandi Perera, Co-Executive

Esandi Perera is a passionate STEM student and current junior at Waldorf of Garden City. She loves learning new programming languages and creating projects regarding genetic research. She is currently doing research at the American Museum of Natural History on molecular genetics and its intersection with data analysis. When she first got involved with TeenHacks LI she enjoyed the friendly coder environment and collaborating with new people on different projects. As executive director she hopes to give the THLI participants an amazing hacker experience and stimulate conversation within the tech community. To add on, she wants to encourage girls to participate in computer science and STEAM while creating an empowering environment. She also has a strong love of music and plays multiple instruments. These passions drove her to further become involved in the team and now hopes to open doors to unprivileged students through STEM and music. In her free time she enjoys educating herself with literature such as Women, Race, & Class by Angela Y. Davis, Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet by Mark Lynas, War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, and more. Esandi also loves watching Criminal Minds and spending time with her family and friends.


Alice Liu, Director of Marketing and Graphics

Alice is a senior at Great Neck North High School. Whether it's painting with acrylics or coding creatively, she loves making art. She is also interested in topics such as cybersecurity and machine learning. In the future, she wants to explore the intersection of art and computer science. When she isn't working, she can be found playing video games, browsing TikToks, or texting people. She hopes that through TeenHacks LI, more students will be able to develop their passions and create something meaningful. As the Director of Marketing, Alice seeks to broaden the reach of TeenHacks LI and continue to expand its mission.


Alice Chen, Director
of Finance

Alice is currently a senior at Jericho High School. From self-studying programming languages since middle school and applying these skills in research, to having more unconventional fun with science in SciOly and at hackathons, Alice has indulged in STEM for as long as she can remember. In her free time, she is usually found reading, napping, or taking her dog on a bike ride. As Director of Finance, Alice hopes to expand TeenHacks LI’s ability to provide fun learning resources and experiences to other high schoolers from across the northeast.

Alice Chen

Matthew Stancampiano, Director of

Matthew is a junior at Mount Sinai High School that is very enthusiastic about STEM and many other academic areas. Both inside and outside of school, he is anxious to learn and try new things as he has searched many areas pertaining to math and science. During his free time, he likes to work on coding projects, read many books about many topics, and hang out with his friends. He has enjoyed hackathons in the past and is excited to put his experience to good use and help to make a better hacker experience here at Teen Hacks LI.

Matthew Stancampiano

Yi Ling Wu, Director of
Public Relations

Yi Ling is a senior at Stuyvesant High School. After her first Intro to CS class, she found herself wanting to learn more about programming and explore the different applications of CS. Since then, she’s fallen in love with this community of makers. She has met many inspiring females in her school’s Girls Who Code club who actively encouraged her to pursue her interest in CS and now she wants to create an environment where others can find their place within tech as well. When she’s not working, you can usually catch her playing handball or exploring different restaurants. As a Public Relations Director, she wants to spread the word about TeenHacksLI so other students can learn from mentors and have an amazing experience.


Isabella Panag, Director of
Campus Ambassadors

Isabella is a sophomore at Mount Sinai High School. She has been organizing for TeenHacksLI since their Fall 2019 event. After the campus ambassador program expanded, she was promoted to Campus Ambassador Director. Isabella now works with a large team of campus ambassadors that help TeenHacksLI grow even further. Their collaborative work strengthens the core of TeenHacksLI.

Isabella Panag

Arindam Saha, Director of Programming

Hi! My name is Arindam Saha and I am currently a junior at Archbishop Molloy High School. I have a passion for learning new programming languages and it’s applications in helping the world become a better place. In school, I am very active in teaching/promoting the importance of computer science and promoting STEM to all. Outside of school I am an astrophysics and biochemistry researcher and I also play the guitar in my free time.

Arindam Saha

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